02W598549A AWD pump + oil + 02D598574 filter set for VW Transporter and Capmobil


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Product Description

BRAND NEW Genuine BorgWarner pump for 2nd generation AWD system VW Volkswagen. Comes together with filter (02D598574) and oil 1L (G055175A2).

Part Numbers 

02D598574 ( #02D598574 ) filter
G055175A2 ( #G055175A2 ) oil

02W 598 549 A (#02W598549A) pump

Set Contains:

NEW oil pump for the 2nd generation 02W 598 549 A / 02W598549A
NEW OEM filter with Cap with O-ring (02D598574)
and 1L Oil (G055175A2)

made in Germany

Manufacturer: BorgWarner