0CQ525549 cargo pump and G055175A2 oil set 5TH GEN FOR VW GOLF GTI / SEAT LEON CUPRA (FXD)

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Product Description

Brand new genuine BorgWarner 0CQ52554 Cargo pump and oil G055175A2 5th generation for AWD 4X4 for VW GOLF GTI / SEAT LEON CUPRA (FXD) set.

Part Numbers

pump: 0CQ525549 ( #0CQ525549 ) 

oil: G055175A2

Kit Contains:

Pre-charge pump, 2 x screws (0CQ525549).
1000ml bottle of oil for AWD (G055175A2).

Compatible vehicles:

Seat Leon 5F 2013-2016
Seat Seat Leon 5F 2017-
Skoda Octavia 5E 2013-2017 Saloon/Estate
Volkswagen Golf 5G 2013-2019 Saloon, GTi, Autobahn

made in Germany

Manufacturer: BorgWarner

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