AWD haldex oil flter 30787687 for VOLVO 3rd generation



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Product Description

Brand new genuine BorgWarner AOC filter assembly for Volvo 3rd generation.

Part Number

30787687 ( #30787687 ) / DS120356

Kit Contains:

NEW OEM filter
Cap with O-ring
2 x screws

Compatible vehicles:

2003-2006|Volvo|XC90::B6294T, 4T65 AWD
2003-2007|Volvo|XC90::B5254T2, AW50/51 AWD
2007-2008|Volvo|XC90::B6324S, TF-80SC AWD
2005-2008|Volvo|XC90::B8444S, TF-80SC AWD
2003-2009|Volvo|S60::B5254T2, AW50/51 AWD
2003-2007|Volvo|V70::B5254T2, AW50/51 AWD
2003-2005|Volvo|V70XC::B5254T2, AW50/51 AWD
2003-2005|Volvo|XC70::B5254T2, AW50/51 AWD
2004|Volvo|V70XC::B5254T2, M58
2004|Volvo|XC70::B5254T2, M58
2006|Volvo|V70XC::AW50/51 AWD
2006|Volvo|XC70::AW50/51 AWD
2007|Volvo|V70XC::B5254T2, AW50/51 AWD
2007|Volvo|XC70::B5254T2, AW50/51 AWD
2004-2006|Volvo|S80::AW50/51 AWD
2004-2007|Volvo|S60::B5254T4, M66 AWD
2006-2007|Volvo|S60::B5254T4, TF-80SC AWD
2004-2005|Volvo|V70::B5254T4, AW50/51 AWD
2004-2007|Volvo|V70::B5254T4, M66 AWD
2006-2007|Volvo|V70::B5254T4, TF-80SC AWD
2008|Volvo|V70::B6304T2, TF-80SC AWD
2008|Volvo|XC70::B6324S, TF-80SC AWD
2007-2008|Volvo|S80::B8444S, TF-80SC AWD
2007-2008|Volvo|S80::B6324S, TF-80SC AWD
2008|Volvo|S80::B6304T2, TF-80SC AWD
2005-2010|Volvo|S40::AW50/51 AWD
2005-2010|Volvo|V50::AW50/51 AWD
2005-2010|Volvo|S40::M66 AWD
2005-2010|Volvo|V50::M66 AWD

made in Germany

Manufacturer: BorgWarner

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